Best Android Games Under 100mb

Best Android games under 100mb

Hello, friends if you are looking for the best Android games under 100mb, this list is for you. I am sharing the best Android games under 100mb because not everyone has a high-end gaming phone. So many people have budget phones that's why I am sharing the list,  hope you like the games that I mentioned.

Here are the top Android games under 100mb for you to play smoothly anytime and anywhere.

Nova legacy


Nova Legacy is a Sci-Fi FPS experience game. Nova Legacy brings the best 3DS FPS experience based on the Epic first episode of Nova, which received critical acclaim all in a compact version of the Shooter game. It's only 45 MB game on Play Store and it has 50 million+ download on Google Play Store.

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Truck Evolution: Off-road 2

Truck Evolution: Offroad 2

Truck evolution is a racing game with amazing graphics and great physics simulation exactly an off-road game. Fell the new endless off-road adventure staring feel real ultra graphic and physics.    It's one of the best free truck racing games on the Android. It has 15 different realistic weather conditions and many more modes. It's only 95mb's game with the best graphics and it has 10m+ download on Google play store.

Asphalt street storm racing

Asphalt street strom racing
Asphalt street strom racing 

Asphalt street storm racing is a racing game.  Rev your engine in high-stakes drag races for up to 4 players. Drag Race across the world's top cities behind the wheel of your favorite race machine!  Drive your best-turbocharged supercars across the world's most glamorous and popular cities in high-speed Drag Race. Collect, customize the cars of your dreams.  Bet to win races.  It has outstanding graphics.  It's only 45mb's game in the play store and it has 5m+ download on Google play store.

Highway Rider motorcycle racer

Highway rider motorcycle racer
Highway Rider motorcycle racer

Highway Rider Motorcycle Racer is a fast and daring driving game that lets you drive fast cars and trucks at blazingly for speed on your motorcycle. Dodge traffic, increase your speed and score in this first, real racing challenge. Drive through insanely fast highways, collect all the unlockable motorcycle riders while sharing pictures and videos of your crushes challenge your friends by racing online and customizing your write in Highway Rider. And it has so many features like a drive-in fast racing game, customize motorcycle, online multiplayer game and many more and it's only 86 MB on Play Store and it has 10 million-plus downloads on Google Play Store.

These are the best android games under 100mb, hope you like the games i mentioned. Now play games smoothly anytime and anywhere. 

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