3+ Best Free VPN For Android

Free VPN For Android. If you are looking for the best free VPN for Android With 256bit encrypted. Today I'm going to show you Top Free VPN For Android.

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Free VPN For Android 

What is VPN?

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the best tool to protect your privacy and increase your security in the online world. VPN is designed to provide a secure encrypted data connection between the remote user and the company network.

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TunnelBear VPN

TunnelBear is the free VPN App to browse the internet privately, it's an incredibly simple VPN app to browse the internet privately.

TunnelBear gives free 500MB data for 1 month to browse the internet securely. It gives Grizzly-grade security. TunnelBear uses strong AES-256bit encrypted by default, weaker encryption isn't even an option. You can connect Global VPN network with servers in 22+ countries and lightning-fast speeds.

TunnelBear Achieved 4.4 ratings and 10M+ downloads on Google Play Store.

Best Free VPN For Android

Turbo VPN  Free Unlimited VPN & Secure Hotspot

Turbo VPN offers unlimited VPN to unblock sites, Wifi hotspot security, protect privacy. It encrypts data using OpenVPN protocols (UDP/TCP).

If you use it free you can connect 4-5 VPN servers. In the free version, you will face ads, but if you buy membership you will get so many VPN servers, fast connection, no ads and many more features. It bypasses the firewalls as school free VPN proxy for school wifi and school computer.

Turbo VPN Achieved 4.6 ratings and 100M+ downloads on Google Play Store.

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Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy & Wifi Security 

Hotspot shield is a free version of VPN with unlimited proxy VPN and no signup, no restrictions. This is a 100% free and unlimited version of hotspot shield VPN proxy and has the basic features.

Using this VPN you can unblock and access all websites and apps with no worries about geo-restrictions. It makes your online activities completely private anonymous and secure.

It gives truly unlimited, no session, speed or bandwidth limitations with military-level SSL encrypted security it makes your online activities completely anonymous.

Hotspot Shield achieved 4.2 ratings and 50M+ downloads on Google Play Store.

Thunder VPN A Fast, Unlimited, Free VPN Proxy

Thunder VPN is a high speed, ultra secure, lightning-fast VPN app. You can connect America, Europe And Asia VPN servers.

Why choose Thunder VPN :
A large number of servers, high-speed bandwidth. Works with Wifi, LTE/4G, and all mobile data carriers. Strict no-logging policy, smart choose servers. Well designed UI, a few ADs. No usage and time limit. No registration or configuration required and no additional permissions required.

Thunder VPN achieved 4.7 ratings and 10M+ downloads on Google Play Store.

Conclusion: These are the Best Free VPN for Android With 256bit Encrypted. There are so many VPN Apps available on market but not all are the best, so here i mention only best VPN For Android. All VPN app here mentioned are available on the Google Play Store. TunnelBear and Turbo VPN is the Best VPN for Android.

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