How to speedup android phone

How to speedup android phone, How to speedup android phone without root
How to speedup android phone

How to speedup android phone, if your Android phone has slowed down over time you can make it faster by following few quick tips. how to speedup android phones. Now a days everyone have Android phone and so many people suffering from hanging and slowing phones performence. So, today im going to tell you some methods to speedup android phones without root.

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1. Keep the OS Version Up to date. You should keep updating your phone, many time phone slow down because of system bugs and other issues. Thats way whenever OTA updates you get you should update your device.

2. Always use those Applications and games thats you really want. When you install unnecessary applications and games they use your RAM, phones storage, etc. and slow devices.

3. Never Use phone booster types applications these apps are work for sometime then they also slow down your device running in background. And always cut your background tasks because if the tasks are running in the background they use phones ram and slow down devices.

4. Clear  the cache data
By clearing the cache data you clearing out junk files and making the smartphone quick in certain tasks.
How to clear the cache data?
Goto settings->Applications - >click on app thats you want to clear cache->click on "Clear Data"

5. Disable system Apps that you dont use. By disabling system Apps you can save some ram.
How to disable system Apps?
Goto settings->Applications - >click on app thats you want disable ->click on "Disable".

6. Set No Background Processes
  • Goto settings - > click on about phone
  • Click 7 times on Software Version (Built Number) - >come back
  • Find "Developer Options" - > click on Developer Options
  • Slide down and click on "Background process limit-> select  "No Background Processes"
  • Turn on Developer Options.

7. If nothing works, factory reset isthe way to go.
warning: if you do factory reset you will lose your personal data.(for more information search on google)

End post: how to speedup android phone, how to speedup android phone without root hope its work for you. 

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