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How to protect yourself on the internet

How to protect yourself on the internet ..! As we all know that the internet transforms the whole earth into a small village that keeps everyone in touch and shares their resources like money, pictures, documents etc. but it is also accepted that internet is for you Is the weakest place. Yes there is a lot of ways to steal and misuse your data or someone can get your bank account and suspend it! You can overcome your loss, but it is also true that "precaution is better than harm". So why let others get their data and misuse it. Here I have mentioned some tips and tricks that help you in securing your data and protecting yourself on the Internet.

Always verify data encryption Ensure that it is properly encrypted when you are using the web for payment purpose or sending your password and something confidential. The SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol is the most commonly used and you can verify it by looking at the URL: https: //.

While the lock is in a locked state, the data …

10 Strategies to Increase Website Traffic (For Free)

Many Online Bloggers mostly newbies face problems when it comes to how to Generate Traffic to your website. Well first of all let me tell you that Driving traffic for your website isn’t that easy.

One thing I want to mention in the beginning is that you have to keep patience because your website traffic cant grow up in a couple of days. It may take some time so keeping patience will help you go through and Generate massive Traffic to your website.

Offer Quality, Free and Original Content This means that you should offer users unique and quality content which should be free and try to make articles which may not be found elsewhere on the internet.

You should create posts which should be having high quality content which may rank you up from your competitors.

You must create good useful and helpful content which can help users to get what they came for. You need to offer your website visitors the information or problem solving which they are searching for and your content must give the…

ITC Exclusion Order Could Threaten Future Of 5G

A timely report from the European Union (EU) recently detailed the risks of state-backed threats to 5G infrastructure and network security. “In this context of increased exposure to attacks facilitated by suppliers,” the report concluded, “the risk profile of individual suppliers will become particularly important.” While the EU study did not come out and say it, the “suppliers” that most concern intelligence officials are Chinese equipment suppliers like Huawei, DJI, Lenovo, Hikvision, and so on.

As U.S. Policymakers work to implement critical 5G innovations for America’s future, they have already recognized and acted against this particular threat, using bipartisan federal legislation and Commerce Department restrictions to keep Huawei out of American 5G networks. But other significant risks to America’s swift deployment of a secure 5G infrastructure may be slipping past notice.

One major challenge could arise out of a case pending before the U.S. International Trade Commission (I…

Apple's 5G Phone | Apple May Split Its 5G 'iPhone 12' Into Two Launches

Apple IPhone 12 With 5G,Apple May Split Its 5G 'iPhone 12' Into Two Launches.
A financial analyst claims that Apple will divide its 5G launches into one for the slower sub-6GHz "iPhone 12" in September, and one for the faster mmWave models in December or January 2021.
While Apple reportedly remains on track to release a 5G capable "iPhone 12" later this year, a new report from financial analysis firm Susquehanna claims that the launch will be in two parts. At the regular September unveiling, analyst Mehdi Hosseini says Apple will release only phones that use the slower sub-6GHz variant of 5G.

Then further iPhones with the faster mmWave 5G may launch in December this year or January of 2021.

"The delay in the launch," says Hosseini in a note seen by StreetInsider, "stems from Apple's decision to in-source the Antenna-in-Package (AiP) modules instead of purchasing from the third party."

Apple has previously long been reported to be de…

10 Best Practices To Generate Website Backlinks

To develop stronger website backlinks, you need to put aside all the frustration and impatience as the process is time taking, requires hard work and persistence. The days of the traditional SEO are over putting an end to simply inserting just any link to a website almost anywhere on the internet. Copywriters and digital marketing strategists must be well-aware of their backlink generation plan to make it successful and doable in the long run.

Being a core SEO technique and a traditional practice executed by digital marketers, backlinks to a website increases the search traffic and ranking on various search engines. In order to do that however, only high-quality links can return desirable and best-in-class SEO results while significantly boosting website traffic.

Changes to Google algorithms overtime also affect SEO ranking factors as well as the way backlinks are classified. To do this now, website owners and managers need to revise their strategy and work exceptionally hard to orga…

7 Essential On-Page SEO Techniques For Bloggers In 2020

SEO (Search engine optimization) is the essential thing to get traffic from search engines and it usually divides into two parts, which is known as Off-page and On-page.

Off-page SEO refers all the things What we do off for our site or blog, such as social media sharing, link building, social bookmarking etc.

On-page SEO is a practice which is use to optimize web pages to get high rankings and traffic. It refers to all the things which we do internally our site content and HTML source.

In this post, we will specially discuss the on-page SEO in 2020. In this part of SEO, we work on the target keyword to optimize for search engines and we want that keyword to get high rank in SERPs and we apply some of the techniques like optimization of the title, your meta description, placement of the keywords, writing unique quality content etc. These are the most important techniques to get massive traffic from search engines which are necessary for the establishment of a successful blog or website.

Latest Version Carrom Pool 3.1.1 Mod Apk Download

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