How to fix lag in pubg mobile with 2gb 3gb ram | Play PUBG Mobile Without Lag

How to fix lag in pubg mobile with 2gb 3gb ram

how to play pubg mobile on low end device

How to play pubg mobile smooth+extreme on low and device. Hello viewers today i am going to share you how to play pubg mobile without lag on 2gb 3gb ram device.

How to Play PUBG Mobile On 2GB 3GB Ram Device 

PUBG Mobile is a online multiplayer battleground game. To play PUBG Mobile you need atleast 2GB of Ram. But it lags on 2GB 3GB ram device because ram doesn't matter you need good Processer and GPU .
But don't worry i will guide you how you can play smoothly on 2gb 3gb ram device.

Lag fix On PUBG Mobile

  1. First of all Download Pubg Mobile From  Google Playstore.
  2. Download and install GFX tool for pubg By Clicking Here.
  3. Open gfx tool "Select Version" if you playing global version then select global version.
Check attached Images for better setting

  •   Resolution select Default
  •   Graphics select Smooth
  •   FPS if your phones model old then select        30 FPS" and if your phone is new model   then select 40FPS or 60FPS
  •   Anti-aliasing select disabled
  •   Style select which you preffered
  •   Render quality select Low
  •   Shadows select disabled
  •   Shadow Distance select Low
  •   Moving Shadow select disabled
  •   Texture quality  select Low
  •   Effect Quality select Default
  •   Improvement for effects select low
  •   Object LOD Distance select low
  •   Foliage LOD Distance select Low
  •   Color Format select 32 Bit
  •   Detail mode select default
  •   Light effects select disabled
  •   Graphics API select default
  •   GPU Optimization select disabled
  •   Sound Quality select Low
  •   Save Controls select Save

4. Now Accept and After an ad Run Game.
Thats it, remember dont after opening game dont change any in game setting like graphics etc.

Note: I Use this settings on Vivo y91. Snapdragon439 and 3GB of Ram.

Conclusion: Hope this settings helps you to play PUBG Mobile Smoothly. If you have any question about this post comment down below i will answer it as soon as possible.

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  2. Thank you for your Valuable Comment.


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